Get Up Close With Solar Cooking at Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania

In mid-September, One Earth Designs will join people looking to enhance their sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle at Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. SolSource has been featured on the popular cooking show Top Chef, and is used by families wanting to take the first steps in reducing their environmental impact. At Mother Earth News Fair, attendees will have the opportunity to see solar cooking in action, learn about how it works, and what it can be used for.

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Bob and Betsy Bradshaw will provide live demonstrations of  the SolSource Classic. For a sneak peak on what you might experience this weekend, watch Bob Bradshaw cooking breakfast with SolSource Classic at Earth Day Texas last year:

 Mother Earth News Fair 2017 Quiz

How much do you know about solar cooking? To get you in the right mood for Mother Earth News Fair this year, we have made our own Mother Earth News Fair quiz. Answers can be found in the bottom of this article.

  1. What is the energy efficiency (in %) of the parabolic solar cooker SolSource Classic? A. 15% B. 50% C. 92%
  2. How many times more energy efficient is a solar cooker like SolSource Classic compared to normal PV? A. 6 B. 2 C. They’re equally efficient
  3. How long does it take to boil 1 quart / litre of water on SolSource Classic? A. 10 minutes B. 25 minutes C. 1 hour
  4. What are the carbon emissions when you are using a solar cooker like SolSource Classic every day of the year? A. Similar to a short plane ride from LA to San Franciso. B. Similar to a 20 min car drive with gas. C. None
  5. What can you use a solar cooker for? A. Only boiling water. B. Boiling water and all types of cooking (pan frying, sautéing, grilling etc). C. Only very simple cooking.
  6. How long does it take for the sun to deliver enough energy our Earth than all humans consume in a year? A. Four months B. Two weeks C. 1 hour

Make sure to check if your answers are correct down below!

Principles of Sustainability and Conservation


Through Mother Earth News Fair only comes around a couple of times each year, One Earth Designs is dedicated its principles of sustainability and conservation all year round. With SolSource solar cookers, we are changing the face of solar cooking by making it possible for millions of people around the world to reduce their dependence on non-renewable cooking fuels.

Solutions to our Mother Earth News Fair 2017 quiz: 1. C, 2. A, 3. A, 4. C, 5. B ,6. C