Ballistic BBQ solar cooking

Ballistic BBQ is an epic grilling channel YouTube with over 130,000 subscribers. Greg, the founder and presenter, first saw the SolSource on Top Chef, and got in touch to learn more. We’d seen Greg in action and knew he loved traditional barbecuing. Rather than just answering his questions, we sent him a SolSource Classic to try. Then, we reached out to learn from his experiences. 

Skeptical, but curious

Why did you want to learn more about SolSource?

“Well, I’d seen it on Top Chef and was intrigued by the whole idea of cooking using the sun as the only heat source. But still, could it compete with a traditional grill? I’ll be honest, I was skeptical – but curious.”

What were your first impression when you set up the SolSource Classic?

“The SolSource looks incredible, I set it up late in the day, and have a tree casting shadows over my yard so I thought I’d be waiting until the following day to try it out. But as soon at the reflector caught the light, I was absolutely shocked at how much heat came off the SolSource. That was the moment that I knew this thing was not a gimmick – the SolSource is the real deal.”

The perfect temperate for a delicious sear

We’ve seen your review on Ballistic Barbecue, and the ‘Cheese Burger Del Sol’ looks amazing. Have you had any other experiences with your SolSource Classic so far?

“Yes, I used SolSource for entertaining friends and they were blown away at how much heat the system generates while not covering them in smoke. There’s just this wonderful aroma of the food being cooked, and it’s at the perfect temperature for a delicious sear.”

You hadn’t used a solar grill before, was there anything else you noticed?

“I didn’t think about it until later, but when you factor in the cost of charcoal or liquid propane, the SolSource easily becomes cost neutral within two grilling seasons.

The sun will always be there

Who would you recommend SolSource Classic to?

“People who love good food and cooking outdoors, obviously. Anyone who is concerned about pumping carbon into the environment would love it. Those who live in a community or complex where using charcoal grills are prohibited. Folks who wish to live “off the grid,” as well as people that like to be prepared for disasters such as earthquakes. Gas may not be available, charcoal may not be available, but the sun will always be there.”

You can check out the full review of the SolSource Classic by Ballistic BBQ below, while learning how to cook a mouth-watering ‘Cheeseburger Del Sol’.