How To Make Popcorn On A Solar Cooker

Want to impress your party guests? Or just need to make snacks when friends and family arrive before dinner? Watch popcorn pop on your solar cooker in just 10 minutes. It’s very easy. Here is how to make popcorn on a solar cooker:

1. Prepare a pot with 3.5 Oz of popcorn.
2. Add a knob of butter or a splash of olive oil
3. Put lid on and listen to corn popping
4. Add seasoning and shake
5. Serve your popcorn and enjoy!

You can use a variety of seasoning for your popcorn. Garlic salt, jalapeño chilli flakes with kosher salt, paprika salt and many others.

Watch the five steps of how to make popcorn on a solar cooker like SolSource Classic in this video.

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