SolSource Sport

The brand new SolSource Sport is 75% lighter than the original SolSource, it is a powerful, compact and 100% solar-powered stove. Pollution free and affordable, it is suitable for consumer outdoor activities, disaster emergencies and rural families who suffer from fuel poverty and pollution. It’s easy to carry, quick to assemble, and heats up in seconds for high-performance, on-the-go solar cooking.


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We launched SolSource Sport on Kickstarter in mid-May to help us start production. We have already reached the pledge goal in just four hours. Our top pledge is to bring SolSource to 50 families suffering from energy poverty and pollution in the developing world. So please back us now on Kickstarter.com.

SolSource solar cooker

This is the ultimate solar cooker. Its innovative design allows the user to capture sunlight to grill, pan fry, slow-cook and boil water. The intense heat it generates can boil water quickly or heat a larger volume of water for domestic uses. Advance self-healing polymer maximises the effectiveness of the solar reflector and ensures durability over extended use. This is the result of our innovations and product research with local communities.

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Try Solar Cooking with SolSource Solar Cooker

Key product features

  • Efficient – 92% energy efficient, 5x better than comparable size photovoltaic panels
  • Durable – 3D formable and self healing reflector for everyday use
  • Versatile – compatible with most cookware and cooking methods
  • Powerful – 280°C / 559°F of instant heat
  • Safe – reflectors to not get hot
  • Easy to use – just point the solar cooking towards the sun with the aligning mirror
  • Sustainable – made with recycled and recyclable material

Comparing SolSource to PV Cells

SolSource cover

This SolSource solar cooker cover is designed especially for the award-winning SolSource Solar Cooker. When the cooker is not in use, this cover prevents unwanted glare. It has built in hooks that allows a snug and secure fitting around the solar cooker. Fasteners are used to add extra security. So the cover can never been blown off. The material used is lightweight yet tough, at 300 denier, to ensure durability. This is a recommended accessory for our SolSource Solar Cooker.

SolSource Solar Cooker Cover



Responsible manufacturing

One Earth Designs’ mission is to design products that help people live sustainably within the resources of our one Earth. We believe that, by harnessing small daily activities for good, together, we can make meaningful change and impact.


One Earth Designs holds the fourth highest score ever awarded by the Global Impact Rating System (GIIRS).

B Corp Certified

For the past three years, we’ve been listed on B Corps’ “Best for the World List” honoring global companies leading the conscious business movement.

Purchasing and international shipping

Low volume orders (fewer than 150 units) – Low volume non-profit and humanitarian orders are processed via our website, subject to stock availability. Shipping cost will be calculated where applicable.

High volume orders (150 units or more) – If your organisation wants to order 150 or more units (this equates to a 20ft container) or multiple TEU thereof, we offer a low FOB Yantian, China based on units ordered. Manufacturing lead time applies. Each SolSource solar cooker is also supplied with a low-cost cover.

Logistics, customs and taxes – One Earth Designs is not liable for any customs and excise duties, and import taxes. Please ensure your organization has the manpower to handle port clearance and other logistical procedures.

Consumer purchases – As a consumer, you can purchase SolSource Solar Cooker from our ecommerce website. Follow this link to find out more at www.oneearthdesigns.com.

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