BBC News, Business

The flagship product of One Earth Designs, based in eastern Hong Kong, is a solar cooker weighing about 20kg that can harness energy from the sun to boil a litre of water in about 10 minutes. The target customers are rural residents in the vast, impoverished areas of western China, where electricity is scarce. Catlin Powers, […]

ECSEL Fellow, 2012

ECSEL is a fully-subsidized incubation program for entrepreneurs looking to build or expand a social business in greater China. Throughout the course of our year-long, part-time program, participants receive two international training trips (one in the United States, one in mainland China), customized mentorship, and investment opportunities. After graduating from ECSEL, our incubation “fellows” enter […]

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When asked to picture the Himalayas, it’s likely visions of snowy peaks that come to mind rather than images of the culture and people living in the chilly mountain range above India. Today we’re going to break up those snowy images and talk about some of the Himalayan communities being supported by One Earth Designs. […]

That’s Magazine, Shanghai

Air pollution is a fact of life in much of China. It is frequently discussed and easily gauged by the changing profile of haze obscuring the horizon. Less obvious though is indoor air pollution, which the World Health Organization estimates kills more than half a million people in China each year – almost twice the […]