In 2013, CEO and co-founder of One Earth Designs, Dr Catlin Powers, was invited to speak at Unreasonable Barcelona about the early days of One Earth Designs. Here, she told the story of how she as a young student originally went to the Himalayas to study climate change, before encountering the severe problems that nomads faced by cooking with firewood indoors. By doing more research, Dr. Powers found that these problems related to air pollution and deforestation was not unique to nomads in rural China. In fact, this was a problem shared by people in most developing countries. By understanding the rammifications of the problem she had encountered, Dr. Powers started looking at possible solutions. Soon, the idea of a parabolic solar cooker started to develop.

To hear the whole story of how Dr. Powers went from a surprising realization far up in the Himilayas to building a global company developing high tech solar cooking appliances, watch Dr. Powers’ presentation below.

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