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Pollution and Clean Stove


Smoke from Cooking: A Global Health Threat Imagine coming home to a house filled with so much smoke that you can barely see across the room. This is the reality for 2.8 billion people around the world who rely on polluting fuels to meet their basic energy needs (WHO IRIS). This is Lhamotso. Every time […]

Zero-Emission Cooking This Earth Day

Earth Day Texas 2017

Test the SolSource Solar Cooker at Earth Day Texas 2017 This weekend, One Earth Designs will join thousands of other environmentally-minded people at the world’s largest Earth Day celebration in Dallas, Texas. SolSource has been featured on the popular cooking show Top Chef, and is used by families wanting to take the first steps in […]

Solar Oven Or Solar Cooker?

Solar Oven and Solar Cooker Illustration

Solar Oven Or Solar Cooker? When someone mentions solar cooker or solar cookers, the image that often comes to mind is a box with a glass top and reflectors standing up around the lid. You might have baked chocolate chip cookies in one like that during summer camp. Maybe you even helped construct it using cardboard […]

Solar Cooking on Summer Camp in Tokyo

Solar cooking on summer camp in Tokyo

“Here Comes the Sun” summer camp Robin Kwasnica lives in Tokyo as a teacher, and has been fascinated by the concept of solar cooking for many years. Last summer, his school LEXIS in the Japanese metropolis Tokyo arranged a summer camp with the theme “Here comes the sun”. Topics included the solar system, sun worship […]

SolSource Solar Cooker Fighting Cookstove Smoke


While working with Maasai families in Kenya, Niccolo, Madison, and Adam–students from the University of San Diego–realized open fire cooking inside homes was causing high rates of respiratory illnesses among women and children (approximately 25 out of 1,000 children die in Maasai communities before the age of 5 due to cookstove smoke). They wanted to […]